Client Success Story: Mary | Buss Accident

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Client Success Story: Mary (Personal Injury)

Client Success Story: Suzanne N. (Family Law Case)

Client Success Story: TJ C. (Family Law Case)

Client Success Story: Tim (Family Law Case)

Client Success Story: Garrett (Family Law Case)

Client Success Story: Audwin (Car Accident Case)

Client Success Story: Janet (Car Accident Case)

"I went to another law firm and they turned me down...would not take my case. Myers Law Firm met with me, handled my case and would not back down from insurance company. Even when they had to file suit to protect me for my personal injury and property damage. I received a very fair settlement. Mr. Myers I appreciate you and your staff."

- A.V.

"I wanted to thank you. I know it takes a lot to put together a case. After the first time meeting with you, you remembered our information, barely referring to your notes and continued to do so. You were generous with your thoughts and ideas as to how we could get what we were hoping for and it's so appreciated. We couldn't have gotten the verdict yesterday without you....It really does make a difference that you seem to care."

- E.W.

"Mr. Lee-Thanks to you and Bessie for all of your help last year and most recently with the referral. I sold the house and the kids and I moved 8 days before Christmas. God is good, faithful and true."

- S.W.