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what does child support cover 

What Do My North Carolina Child Support Payments Cover?

Parents who pay child support in North Carolina often want to know, “What does my child support cover?” And, as a follow-up question, many wonder, “What should I do if I think the other parent isn’t using child support properly and my child’s essential needs aren’t being met?”

In this article, we’ll break down the basics of North Carolina child support and explain what is covered, what isn’t, and what you can do if you believe the other parent is misusing funds from child support.

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divorce vs. separation North Carolina

What’s the Difference Between Separation and Divorce in North Carolina?

The misconception that separation and divorce are the same is all too common. In fact, separation and divorce are two different things, and they serve different purposes.

In this post, we’ll go over the differences between divorce and separation in North Carolina, and we’ll provide insight about how the two events affect you, your relationship, and your family.

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reasons a judge will change custody

5 Reasons a Judge Will Change a Child Custody Order

Child custody is not always set in stone. When parents separate or divorce, you may get an initial child custody order that outlines the custody arrangement. However, if circumstances change, the court can modify the order at any point until the child turns 18.

All it takes is for one parent to request modification with the court and for the judge to agree. The parent who wants to modify will typically make their request with the help of their family law attorney.

The court can modify the child custody order if a judge finds two facts are true:

  1. there has been a substantial change of circumstances affecting the welfare of the child; and
  2. that modification is in the best interest of the child.

If the judge makes these findings, they can issue the modification.

In this article, we’ll talk about five of the most common reasons a judge in North Carolina will change a custody order.

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child support north carolina

Common North Carolina Child Support Issues and How to Resolve Them

Navigating child support issues with your ex is rarely easy. And even when separated parents prioritize their children and minimize unnecessary conflict, child support cases can still get contentious. Common sticking points include insufficient payments, confusion around what to do when the non-custodial parent’s situation changes, or what happens if the other parent refuses to pay.

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how to co parent

How to Co-Parent: 6 Tips for Success

Co-parenting after a divorce is rarely easy. Your entire outlook on parenting and routine must change, but that doesn’t mean you need to make your child’s well-being any less of a priority.

At Myers Law Firm, we have over 50 years of combined experience helping divorced and separated parents reach co-parenting arrangements and custody agreements that meet their family’s needs. In this blog article, we’ll share six tips you can use to create a successful co-parenting arrangement.

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joint custody vs shared custody

What’s the Difference Between Joint Custody and Shared Custody?

In divorces where children are involved, the custody arrangement can be one of the hardest matters to settle. If both parents want to remain involved in a child’s life and the court has no important reasons to keep either parent away, then you can expect that your custody arrangement will involve joint physical and legal custody.

But what about shared custody? Many people use the terms joint custody and shared custody without knowing exactly what these terms mean. If you’re facing a custody decision in a North Carolina divorce and you want to make the best possible arrangement for your child, then you’ll need to understand the differences.

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grandparents custody charlotte Mecklenburg north carolina

Can Grandparents and Stepparents Get Child Custody in North Carolina?

What You Need to Know

  • North Carolina courts try to keep children with their parents whenever possible.
  • However, grandparents or stepparents may be able to gain custody if the parents aren’t willing or able to care for the child.
  • Hopeful guardians should hire an experienced, empathetic family law attorney for guidance through the custody process.

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Co-parenting holidays

6 Tips to Reduce the Stress of Co-Parenting During the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for just about anyone, with all of the special events, shopping, family obligations, performances, and crazy schedules to juggle. But if you’re a separated or divorced parent, worrying about child custody and co-parenting over the holidays adds another level of stress. Now you have to navigate separate household schedules, extended family expectations, any lingering tensions, and both parents’ desire to spend as much time with your children as possible. Continue reading “6 Tips to Reduce the Stress of Co-Parenting During the Holidays”

divorce vaccinations

What Happens When Divorced Parents Disagree on Vaccinations?

Most people who receive vaccines are underage children who rely on their parents to make medical decisions for them. When parents disagree on whether to vaccinate their child, frustration and arguments can follow. And when a vaccination argument gets wrapped up in a divorce and all the other related legal complications, it can make it very hard for parents to find common ground.

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Child Custody Attorney

Can I Move Away With My Child During a Custody Case?

Divorce is difficult on the entire family, but children are often affected the hardest. If you are a divorced or separated parent and are considering relocating with your child, you should know that you might not be allowed to move, especially if the court decides the relocation is not in the child’s best interest.

If you are moving a relatively short distance or the move will not affect the current custody arrangement, the move should not be an issue. However, to move your child out of the state or a considerable distance within the state, you will need either an agreement with the other parent or court approval. If you have questions about whether you need to get approval to move or if you need help convincing a court that you should be able to relocate with your child, you should speak with an experienced family law and child custody attorney.

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