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insurance adjuster secrets

9 Secrets the Insurance Adjuster Doesn’t Want You to Know

After a serious car crash, you will likely work with an insurance adjuster on the road to receiving compensation and benefits. Unfortunately, the insurance company does not have your best interests in mind, which can sometimes make the process of filing a claim overwhelming.

The good news is that you don’t have to go into negotiations unprepared. In this article, we’ll share nine industry secrets to help you navigate this complicated process.

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North Carolina No-Fault Laws for Auto Accidents 

Is North Carolina a No-Fault State for Auto Accidents?

After a car crash, the first thing you should do is make sure everyone is safe, call the relevant authorities, and exchange contact information. From there, you should try to collect any evidence from the scene that you can, such as photos and witness statements. (If you’re injured, this may not be possible, so you’ll need an attorney to help.) Finally, you’ll want to contact a skilled personal injury attorney who can help explain North Carolina’s fault laws for auto accidents and how they could affect your personal injury claim.

Keep reading to learn more about North Carolina law and how it may affect your auto accident case.

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questions to ask doctor after car accident

The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Car Accident

77% of drivers have been in at least one car accident, according to a report released by Esurance, and the average driver will have to file an auto insurance claim for a car wreck every 18 years. So, you’re likely to be involved in three or four car crashes in your lifetime, which means it’s important to be prepared.

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How Is a Truck Accident Different From a Car Accident?

How Is a Truck Accident Different From a Car Accident?

You’re stopped in highway traffic when your car is suddenly slammed from behind and propelled forward, possibly into another car or off of the highway. A large truck failed to stop in time and crashed into your car. Your head snaps backward and forward violently as the airbags go off. Because you were hit by a big truck, this won’t be a simple rear-end collision case. Instead, it will turn into something much more complex.

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Car Accident Mental Health

The Top 3 Mental Health Issues Victims Face After a Car Accident

After a serious car crash, most people focus on coping with financial setbacks and healing from physical injuries — but physical injuries aren’t the only type of damage victims deal with after an accident. Many car crash survivors experience serious, and sometimes long-lasting, mental health issues. While some emotional distress fades away over time, other psychological effects could be lengthy and have a substantial negative impact on your relationships, work, productivity, and general mental wellbeing.

If you’ve been in a serious car crash and are experiencing emotional distress, don’t try to cope on your own. You need to treat mental health issues just like any physical injuries you sustain in a wreck. Always speak to a doctor or psychiatrist. They might suggest coping methods or recommend psychotherapy or medication.

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Personal Injury Claim

No One Got a Ticket in the Crash — Can I Still File an Injury Claim?

Tickets and police reports can be useful evidence for supporting a personal injury claim and proving the other driver was at fault for your car crash. But what if a ticket wasn’t issued? Does this mean you can’t file? The short answer is no. A lack of a ticket does not mean a lack of fault.

If you were in a car crash and neither you nor the other drivers received a ticket, you can still file a personal injury claim if the other driver caused the crash. While proving fault does not require that a ticket be issued, working with a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney can increase your chances of recovering compensation for your injuries.

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Hit-and-Run Crash

What Should I Do After a Hit-and-Run Crash?

After a car crash, responsible drivers stop and collect information from each other, report the accident to the police, and call for medical help if necessary. But what happens if the other vehicle drives off?

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than 10% of car crashes reported to the police are hit-and-runs. If you’ve been the victim of a hit-and-run car crash, it’s understandable that you would be confused about what to do next and how to recover compensation for your injuries. After all, how do you file a personal injury claim if you don’t know who is responsible for your injuries?

One of the most important things to understand about a hit-and-run crash is that you should treat it much the same as a regular crash. Although there might not be someone for you to identify as the at-fault party, you will still need to prove that you were not at fault and deserve compensation. Contacting an experienced attorney will greatly increase your chances of obtaining compensation for property damages and medical expenses from a crash where the other driver is unidentified.

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Auto Insurance

9 FAQs About North Carolina Auto Insurance, Answered

After an accident, your first instinct might be to turn to your insurance company for help, but their priority is to maximize profits — not compensate you for your injuries and losses. Some states, like North Carolina, have policies and laws that complicate this insurance process even further and provide additional ways for insurance companies to avoid paying full compensation. Rather than turning to your insurance company, you should speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately after your accident to discern if you have a valid claim.

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Receive Medical Treatment After a Car Crash

3 Reasons You Should Get Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

It might be tempting to skip going to the doctor after you’ve been in a car accident. Maybe you think you can tough it out, or you’re hoping the pain will get better on its own. Before you skip going to the doctor, take a few minutes and read this article. There are plenty of good reasons why you should always receive medical attention after you’ve been involved in a car accident.
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hit by an uninsured driver while riding bike

I Was Hit by an Uninsured Driver While Riding My Bike — What Can I Do?

When you’re getting ready to go for a bike ride, you make sure you have everything you need for safety and check that your bike is in good shape.

But then it happens. You’re hit by a motor vehicle as they make a left-hand turn directly into you. Even though you wore a helmet and took safety precautions, you suffer serious injuries and end up with significant medical bills.

If this sounds like your situation, you’re not alone. On average, 1,000 North Carolina bicyclists suffer injuries in police-reported crashes with motor vehicles each year. Approximately 20 of these cyclists die, and 60 of them suffer serious injuries.

Even worse, some of these victims get hit by drivers who don’t carry auto insurance. So what happens if the person who hits you doesn’t have any insurance coverage? Are you totally out of luck?

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