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North Carolina Cell Phone Laws Driving

What Should You Know About Texting and Driving Crashes?

Texting and driving causes far too many accidents and near-misses. Distracted drivers played a role in over 50,000 crashes throughout North Carolina in 2019, according to data released this year. These accidents lead to tens of thousands of injuries annually, along with hundreds of deaths.

Keep reading to learn more about North Carolina cell phone laws while driving and what to do if you’ve been the victim of a texting and driving car crash.

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Child Custody Laws for Unmarried Parents

How Are Child Custody Laws Different for Unmarried Parents?

More than 40% of North Carolina children are born to unmarried parents. Unfortunately, if these parents decide to part ways, child custody can get complicated quickly.

Keep reading to learn how child custody laws are different for unmarried parents and how you can help ensure success in a potential legal battle. TL;DR version: Once paternity is established, the rights of married and unmarried parents as to custody are the same.

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Spousal Support NC

When Will Your Divorce Include Alimony?

Married couples going through divorce aren’t always on the same financial footing. Both partners might contribute to the household in their own way, leaving one relying on the other for income. This means that, without help, they could have trouble keeping up with the demands of living on their own.

And that financial help is not uncommon. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1.8 million people in the US pay some form of spousal support. These payments often add up to thousands of dollars every year for the supporter. These large amounts make it important to understand what alimony is and whether it’s in play during your divorce.

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leg pain after crash

Should You Be Worried About Leg Pain After a Car Accident?

After a crash, it can be hard to tell what are simple aches and pains, and what is a sign of something more serious. Leg pain is a common injury, but it can also be a sign of a serious injury that could require intensive care. So how do injured people tell the difference and decide what to do next?

In this blog, we’re going to focus specifically on leg pain after a car crash and how this pain might point toward a more serious injury. Understanding the source of your leg pain could be an important aspect of a potential personal injury case, as well as your physical and emotional health moving forward.

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Are Injury Insurance Settlements Taxable?

Is My Personal Injury Insurance Settlement Taxable?

If you’re depending on a personal injury settlement to cover the costs of catastrophic injuries, emotional distress, lost wages, or medical bills, the last thing you want to worry about is if your injury insurance settlements are taxable. Unfortunately, this sort of confusion is common, especially if you’re recovering from a traumatic, life-changing event.

So, today, we’re going to answer the question: “Are injury insurance settlements taxable?” Keep reading to learn the general rule when it comes to paying taxes on this sort of compensation, as well as a few of the most common exceptions.

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equitable distribution nc

Equitable Distribution — What Does “Marital Property” Mean in Property Division Cases?

When a couple is going through a divorce, one of the most difficult and stressful areas is determining how property will be divided. In North Carolina, this is conducted through a process called equitable distribution.

Equitable distribution is the legal division of marital and divisible property between spouses. This process can often become contentious, which is why parties may need to go through mediation or have a judge determine who gets what.

If you are going through a divorce, here is what you need to understand about equitable distribution and how it can affect your property division case.

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taking out-of-state ex to court

Can I Take My Ex to Court for Custody Issues in North Carolina if They Live in a Different State?

These days, families are more complex than ever. When couples separate, it’s not uncommon for ex-spouses to live in different states. This gets complicated, however, when there are children and child custody issues involved. And when separated parents have different ideas about where the kids should live, the relationship and legal issues can get even more difficult.

As much as we’d like to believe that most problems can be worked out through honest communication, there are times when the only way to hold an ex accountable is through legal action. However, when conflicts cross state lines, taking your ex to family court becomes complicated, especially with kids involved. To learn more about taking your ex to court in North Carolina if they live in a different state, keep reading.

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insurance adjuster secrets

9 Secrets the Insurance Adjuster Doesn’t Want You to Know

After a serious car crash, you will likely work with an insurance adjuster on the road to receiving compensation and benefits. Unfortunately, the insurance company does not have your best interests in mind, which can sometimes make the process of filing a claim overwhelming.

The good news is that you don’t have to go into negotiations unprepared. In this article, we’ll share nine industry secrets to help you navigate this complicated process.

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difference between separation agreement and consent order 

Understand the Difference Between a Separation Agreement and a Consent Order

If your marriage is deteriorating, you may be looking for ways to start the separation process. If you’re struggling to figure out what to do, you might not realize that you have options other than immediately going to court to fight things out.

In this blog, we’ll review two legal options that are available to separating couples as alternatives to a court battle: separation agreements and consent orders.

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how to get back custody

Denied Child Custody or Visitation? Here’s What to Do

Losing custody or visitation of your children is one of the most heart-wrenching things that can happen to a parent. While this can be a devastating outcome, there’s still hope. There are several steps you can take to live a healthier life and get your child or children back.

In this blog, we outline the steps parents can take to get back custody, as well as common child custody mistakes to avoid along the way.

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